Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How Cold is it in Gunsan? (17 Janaury)

A Gunsan friend posted on her Facebook status update yesterday that the temperature was - 12  celsius – perfect weather for staying indoors, and preferably bed, with a good book.  I agreed with this plan and started my day from the comfort of my warm apartment just chatting to a friend via Skype until Catfish texted.  We were being rather sloth-like and hadn’t yet got around to having breakfast; it was now lunchtime and we were both in the mood for a proper, hot meal that we didn’t have to make.  This led to lunch at an Italian restaurant near Lotte Mart which then led to a sneaky grocery shopping trip at Lotte mart to encourage Catfish to actually buy food since she otherwise avoids the department store since it’s just too overwhelming.  Before we knew it, we were having white hot chocolate at a new coffee shop and talking about where to go for dinner. Time seems to sprint forwards when we hang out with each other. 

Today isn’t much warmer and several friends have status updates related to the cold.  Mr Jeong was telling me this morning that last night’s news had a clip showing tourists in Seoul who were so cold that they had attempted to cover every part of their bodies with thick clothing but were still cold.  Catfish tells me that Seoul was so cold on Saturday that she and another friend of ours literally sat in a bar drinking for six hours in order to warm up enough to go to the show for which they had booked tickets.  My Seoul friends tell me that it’s so cold that if they leave their apartments with wet hair after a shower, it freezes by the time they get to school, when they exhale, their breathe freezes against the inside of their scarves and tears turn to icicles on their eyelashes.  The list goes on and on….

As for Gunsan, it’s apparently  - 10 celsius here today so it’s warmer than yesterday.  However, it’s so cold that the water in the toilet bowls at school is frozen solid! As long as this doesn’t happen at home, I’m happy….


  1. Hi, I just found your blog. I'm with a group of foreigners (5 Canadian and American F2s and 8 Latvians) working as extras for a movie here in Gunsan, and we're wondering what people do for fun here. We're going to try the Cowboy bar tonight. Maybe we'll see you around?
    -Sam (from Jeju)

  2. Honestly, there's not much to do in Gunsan if you're into the type of nightlife that Seoul offers. We have two movie cinemas (CGV and Lotte Cinema) and Bar Street and that's pretty much it. 'The ROK' on Bar Street is quite nice: they have open mic nights every Tuesday from around 22:00 and usually have bands playing on weekends. To get there, ask a taxi driver to take you to Naundong Dasarang which is an easy landmark and on Bar Street. TLC (opposite The ROK) is also a very Western bar from what I've heard but I've never been there. If you're into walking, Eunpa Park and Wolmyeong Park are both great - Wolmyeong Park is my favourite and provides a beautiful panoramic view of Gunsan. Seonyudo (the islands near here) are also great and you can tour the three islands by bike very comfortably. I've heard it's a bit cold in winter though. To get there, go to the Gunsan Coastal Passenger Ferry.
    Apart from that, I don't know of any clubs or anything like that because that's not really my scene. I mostly hang out with friends in coffee shops, restaurants and the cinema. I can recommend a couple of places if you're interested.
    Hope that helps.

  3. Cool, thanks for responding. I apologize for using your blog this way. I'll try Wolmyeong Park today. Also, good restaurants and coffee shops would be appreciated. We went to TLC last week. It was fun, and one odd bartender kept lighting people on fire and giggling. Including me. Said I smelled like barbecue.
    Sam from Jeju

  4. Not a problem. Good coffee shops are: Angel-in-us, Doctor's Coffee and Ediya Coffee. If you walk up the road from Bar Street towards Lotte mart, you'll find all three of these coffee shops along this road. Coldstone is next to Angel-in-us. There are also several coffee shops in the road that runs parallel to Bar Street (in Yest Mall) which are pretty nice. Can Mode (I think that's the correct name) is an interesting one.

    Next to Yest Mall (opposite Dunkin Donuts) is a really good Galbi restaurant. I think it's called 'The Gal-B' (second floor next to the hof). Across the road from Lotte mart (near the OZ phone store), on the second floor, is a great Italian restaurant (I think the name is 'Solemio'). On the opposite side of Lotte mart (where the entrance to the parking lot is - Lotte mart will be on your left as you pass the front entrance of it), there's a great Kimbap restaurant on the main road (orange windows and signs) and diagonally opposite (behind) this is a fantastic Vietnamese restaurant called 'Hoa Binh'. In Naundong, ask for 'Gran Piatta' which is an Italian restaurant. I've never been there but the Sullongtang Korean restaurant next to it is great!

    I'm not great with directions so I hope you find these places. I'll try to find maps and post them on my blog.

  5. Thanks for your help. Had a good time wandering around town. We'll be in town for a few more weeks but we may be working straight through without breaks from now on, so I don't think I'll be able to go out again. Anyway, enjoy this good change of weather.