Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Treasure Island and Horror Films

Astro joins us on our second full day on the island and M leaves early in the morning to go and meet him at the bus station.  We then pack and head to a different minbak located in the countryside where Astro shows just how much of a city boy he is.  The main house of our minbak, however, appears to be very traditional and is beautifully built.

Treasure Island

Since our room isn’t yet ready, we leave our bags and head back to the beach for another day of just lazing about.  Astro, being a sun-worshipper, is happy to tan on his towel on the sand while M and I laze about on the loungers again.   Incredibly, six hours whips by all too soon and before we know it, the sun is preparing to set.  M tells us about a place called Treasure Island and we head there to watch a spectacular sunset.  While waiting for the sun to set, Astro plays up to the camera and does mock fitness videos using the benches on the observation deck. 

Near the observation deck is a restaurant built as a ship.  Apparently the owner of this particular spent millions of US dollars to build this restaurant and we decide to see what all the fuss is about.  Unfortunately, it’s a sushi restaurant and we’re not too keen on the menu so we head out in search of somewhere else to eat dinner.  As we drive back towards our minbak, we pass a family style restaurant that looks appealing.  The galbitang there is delicious and Astro insists that we’ll be back there the following day for dinner, at which the owners simply laugh. 

Horror Films

Back in the car, Astro lives up to his nickname of snail and I tell M that we should pretend to leave him behind.  This clearly becomes an entertaining game for us all as we continue to drive just fast enough to make Astro chase the car up the hill.  He then asks us to make a horror movie of him running in front of the car.  I film the scene as we chase him up the darkened hilly roads with him screaming over his shoulder.  At the sight of another car, we decide that we’re probably going to be reported to the local police and we finally allow Astro to get back into the car.

Back at the minbak, it’s still early and Astro and I have have a good chat outside on the lawn overlooking the countryside.  We’ve never really spoken much prior to this and it’s great to get to know him a bit better as we talk about jobs, aspirations and travel plans before turning in for the night.

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