Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello International Office... (10 February)

I’ve finally made it to the third floor office!  When I first arrived at my school, I was given a desk in the main office on the ground floor since there was no desk available for me in the international office.  This meant being in the same office as the vice-principal of my school which, to be honest, was a little bit uncomfortable but not unbearable.  Fast forward four and a half months and I’m finally able to move to the International Department which is on the third floor.  This is the office where all of the foreign teachers at my school are based.  Being a foreign language high school, we have native speakers in Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and English – all of the language offered at the school.  Of course, this also means that there are five different languages being spoken in my office at any given point in a day.  Something tells me that the ground floor office may start looking more and more appealing rather quickly….

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