Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, KiwiKat (1 March)

Today is a public holiday in Korea and I’m grateful that I don’t have to go to school since yesterday there were only 10 people at school: 3 admin staff members and seven of the international staff.  Either we didn’t get the memo (translated) or we really were expected to go to school just to keep our desks company.  The kiwis had the day off to move apartments and, for more than a few moments, I really wish I’d been moving apartments rather than sitting at my desk attempting to prevent my soul from escaping for more exciting pastures.  Nevertheless, today will not be as boring as Catfish and I plan to head to Seoul (Itaewon to be precise) for KiwiKat’s birthday celebrations. 

We arrive in Seoul at 10:40 and make our way to the All-American Diner in Itaewon where she has planned to meet friends for lunch.  Although we’ve told her that we’re attending today, she still seems surprised to see us.  Lunch at the All-American Diner is a salivating experience with so many choices that it’s sometimes hard to choose just one item.  I settle for my trusty old faithful order of a proper hamburger.

Determined to make the most of our day in Itaewon, Catfish and I decide to try and get our hair cut.  We make our way to what KiwiKat has termed the “second-rate hairdresser” where, fortunately, they can fit us immediately.  With slight trepidation, I take a seat and cautiously eye out the scissors that are approaching my hair.  I decide to request just a straightforward trim with the hope that it’s hard to screw up and lose in translation.  Korean hair is cut without being washed – the hairdresser simply dampens it slightly with water and eagerly wields that scissors that I hope will not mess up my hair.  I’m relieved when my hair still looks pretty much as it did prior to the cut and am amused, and somewhat hesitant, when I hear Catfish issuing more complex instructions for her hair.  At 10 000 won (approximately US$10), it is the cheapest haircut I’ve had. 

From there we head to B & T for some clothes shopping and I finally get my black spring coat.  We have a few minutes to kill before heading to Healing Hands for a back massage that a friend of ours booked while we were at lunch.  This turns out to be the most amazing massage and I’m almost sorry that I didn’t book for a longer massage.  From Healing Hands, we meet up with KiwiKat and head to the What the Book? before KiwiKat shows us the heavenly pie shop, Tartine Bakery, that is tucked away in a little known side street on the main road. 

We wrap up the day with dinner at Gecko’s where we’re easily sated with their fish and chips. Sadly, both WanSu and Dan have quit their jobs at Gecko’s in preparation for the next academic semester.  We soon say goodbye to KiwiKat and make our way to the bus terminal for our long trek back to the Dreamhub that is Gunsan.

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