Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Acquaintances (3 March)

Girls’ night is officially re-instated and Catfish and I happily head over to our Kiwi-mom’s apartment for a chat and a round of “10 Days in Europe”.  With the other South African having recently left Korea at the end of her contract, we’re now done to only three players.  However, we have the pleasant surprise of meeting M, a Korean friend of our Kiwi-mom.  She’s the same age as me and Catfish, in her now usual style promptly asks if M is on Facebook – after all, if you live in Gunsan, Catfish will become Facebook friends with you. 

Amidst plans to contact each other, I receive a message from NZ2 telling me that Seokjin, who owns Adventure Korea, has invited NZ2, Catfish and I to join him on this Saturday’s AK hike to Daedunsan.  Since we live less than 2 hours from Daejeon, we can meet the group in Daejeon and hopefully get back to Gunsan in time to meet everyone for NZ2 and his fiance’s  engagement dinner.  Having planned to hike Daedunsan at some point, Catfish and I are only too happy to accept this invitation.  Now, if we can just figure out the bus schedule…

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