Tuesday, January 31, 2012

‘Convicts’ and Lunches (4 May)

Today is the last day of exams and so, since tomorrow is Children’s Day (and therefore a public holiday), the English Department at my school is going to lunch together.  We go to an Italian restaurant in Naundong, Gran Piatto.  The food is pretty good and the atmosphere is lively despite the conversation mostly being in Korean.   By the end of lunch, all I feel like doing is walking off the enormous meal we’ve just had and so, I bid farewell to my fabulous co-teacher and tell her that I’m going to go for a walk before going home. 

I meander around Naundong, exploring streets I’ve only passed before but never ventured down previously.  When I see the public library, I remember that I’m on the road to Catfish’s school.  I head further down the road and see a PE class in session at the school on the corner ahead of me.  Recognising the convict-like orange PE outfits, I’m fairly certain that I’m outside of Catfish’s school.  After walking around for a bit, I give Catfish a call and she meets me at the front gate of her school before showing me around.  Like the teachers at my school, her teachers have heard all about me.  After the tour, we agree to meet outside her school 30 minutes later when we walk to Paradiso for dinner followed by dessert at our Kiwi mom’s apartment.

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