Thursday, November 25, 2010

Evaluation Time (3 November)

My co-teacher informed me today that all GETs, and teachers in general in Korea, have to submit a video of a lesson to the Department of Education for evaluation.  The criteria stipulate that 70% of the evaluation is based on the interaction between the GET and the Korean co-teacher during the lesson; the remaining 30% is based on the written lesson plan that has to be submitted with the video.

The irony of the situation is that, while I have a good working relationship with both of my co-teachers, I usually end up teaching my classes alone since my co-teachers have so much other work to do.  That doesn’t mean my lessons are less successful than those of GETs whose co-teachers are in the class during the lessons; we’re simply honest about the fact that if, as a native speaker, we can’t handle an English conversation class of 10 – 12 students alone, we probably shouldn’t be here.

I’m reminded by NZ1 that, in Korea, how things look is more important than anything else.  As long as the lesson looks successful and there seems to be great co-operation between myself and my co-teacher.  Besides, I had a student ask a question in class today; how hard can this be?

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