Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Unusual, The Comical, The Strange and The Unexplained (1 November)

Finding peculiar things in Korea is becoming a bit of a hobby.  Here are some of the best I’ve found so far.

After seeing how people park in Gunsan, I don't feel so bad about my poor parking skills.  Even my parallel parking isn't as bad as the one below.

Chocolate chip cookies - Yum!  There are only six, individually wrapped, cookies per box.  Amazingly, for a country that has really hefty fines for incorrect recycling, everything here seems to be individually wrapped and sold in a box with three layers of additional wrapping.  Check the weight listing very carefully!

A church or just a steeple and a cross on a random building?  NZ2 tells me he had his watch battery replaced here.  I've only been able to find shops, a bowling alley and an internet cafe...

The most awful coffee in a can: 'Let's Be'!  Please don’t be serious and put a big smile on your face with Let’s be it’s the name of all time No. 1 Coffee.

At the Korean language study section for foreigners in the
Kyobo Bookstore in Seoul.

My personal favourite! This is a sign at the end of a bridge connecting two of the Seonyudo Islands - a bridge that must be at least 200m above the sea! Any suggestions?

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