Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Baking in Korea (9 December)

It’s been another long and tiring week but tonight’s Game night has been changed to a baking night.  Our Kiwi-mom has a proper stove and oven in her apartment so she’s invited us to bake a few goodies since we’re unable to do so at our own apartments.  I haven’t had enough time to try and work out where to buy ingredients or something to make so I decide to just assist where needed.  Catfish, however, has come prepared with apples for apple crumble which turns out to be delicious and our Kiwi-mom decides to show us a really easy brownie-type recipe.

The best part of the evening is seeing the apartment decorated with Christmas lights and a proper Christmas tree.  It’s a real home and we all like hanging out in this apartment rather than our own.  Before we know it, it’s 23:00 and time to be heading home.  We’ve tasted the baked goods and our Kiwi-mom is sending us home with extra supplies as usual.  The difficult part is cutting up the delicious ‘brownie’ thing we made – it’s like hacking through iron and requires serious effort on the Canadian’s part while the rest of us comment and document the attack with our cameras.

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