Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Death of a Television (That Was Never Even Used) (20 November)

Having been in Korea for nearly two months, I finally had internet installed today.  It was apparently meant to be done on Thursday but I didn’t understand the text message that was sent confirming this so I was out all day.  Fortunately, Koreans are rather forgiving...or they mutter something about the dumb waygooks - either way, I don't understand. 

The technician arrived early and I immediately felt sorry for him when I realised that he spoke almost no English.  However, as many similar incidents continue to amaze me daily, this didn’t affect his ability to successfully provide me with internet and a landline telephone – I finally have communication with the outside world once again!
The total process took around an hour and a half and, for about 20 minutes in the middle, I was convinced that he had run away after hearing that I wanted my internet in English. 

Sadly, my television appears to have died a silent death.  The technician told me that it was too old to connect to cable – it won’t even tune into basic channels….

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