Saturday, January 8, 2011

No War! (25 November)

NZ2 has to attend the EPIK Orientation in Seoul from today.  Considering North Korea attacked Yeongpyeong Island in South Korea (approximately 150km West of Seoul) on Tuesday, I’m sure many EPIK teachers are even less enthusiastic about having to head to Seoul for the next six days.  EPIK seems to have thought of this too and sent out the following message to everyone who had to attend orientation:
            No War!  Don’t wori & go 2 Seoul for ur OT – Fr Ofis of ED^^
Translation: No War! Don’t worry and go to Seoul for your Orientation Training from the Office of Education (Korean smiley face). 
At least someone had a sense of humour!

School work has been rather limited this week so my lessons seem to consist of playing hangman rather than fighting my kids to work on their speeches.  One of my classes laughed at me when I told them that my goal is to get at least one question per class each day – I managed three out of four classes so I’m pretty happy with my score.  By the end of the day, I’m starting to regret not having maximised my down at school this week since we’ve just been given around 45 journals each and told to give an overall comment of each journal.  These comments form part of the students’ university portfolios, of which English proficiency is apparently an important part, so the main purpose of this task is to try and make the students look as good as possible.  We have two weeks to comment on the journals and hopefully there’ll be some interesting reading along the way….

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