Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Day Off and Creepy Men (18 November)

As mentioned in my previous post, the final year students wrote the CSAT today which meant that we had a day off school.  In less than an hour, I somehow managed to fill my entire day with social engagements starting with morning tea with the Kiwis at NZ2’s apartment.  It’s an interesting morning with lively discussions on various topics mostly relating to Korea, Japan and our school.  It’s so lively that I end up being late in meeting another friend for a movie at CGV.  True to Murphy’s Law, when you actually need a taxi, there are none available.

When I finally flag down a taxi, I’m grateful that the driver has understood my request that he take me to CGV cinema.  Nearly 20 minutes later, I’m less than happy with my decision to sit in the front seat!

His English is limited but we somehow have a conversation as to the different genres of movies that we enjoy.  This moves into the usual questions of whether or not I’m  married, have a boyfriend, if I’m an English teacher and how old I am.  Having answered all of these questions, he starts making the most of every red light and tries to put his arm around me each time while asking if I want him to come to the movie with me. Uh…anio! Short of physically jumping out of the car or scrambling over the seat to get away, I’m as far into the corner as I can get and he still doesn’t take a hint.  Not only is this the most uncomfortable taxi trip I’ve had so far but it’s turning into one of the longest – literally!  There are no words to describe my relief when I see the CGV sign ahead of us.  Unfortunately, the unease of this ride is about to increase ten-fold. Realising that my destination is near, the driver has one more question for me:  Instead of the cinema, can he rather take me to a Love Motel?

For those of you who don’t know, Love Motels hire out rooms by the hour.  Since most Koreans live with their parents until they are married, it’s nearly impossible for them to do the dirty deed in their own homes.  Convenience is greatly appreciated in Korean (and Asian) society so Love Motels were opened where young couples looking for some intimate times together can go for an hour or two.  I’ve also been told that Love Motels are actually really good and cheap accommodation! However, given that I live in Gunsan, there’s no reason for me to stay at a Love Motel which suggests that this driver has another desired purpose.  I all but fall out of the taxi in my haste to escape and am relieved to see my friend waiting outside for me.  Now, had the cute Korean guy who sold us our tickets tried any of the stunts the taxi driver pulled, maybe I would have been less resistant…

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