Monday, July 18, 2011

Juhaeyo and An-juhaeyo (8 March)

It’s been a long gap since our first Korean lesson (before Catfish went to Thailand) so we’re thrilled to meet DaYoung at Promessa for dinner and a lesson.  Today’s lesson involves learning how to say “I like” and “I don’t like” which we practise over and over with various objects.  It’s incredible how pleased with are with ourselves when we start to semi-master such a simple phrase but the progress is phenomenal.

Catfish then gets cheeky and asks if I’ll be using the phrase on cute doctor which prompts DaYoung to ask for all the details.  She tells us that saying “juhaeyo” to a man has the same meaning as telling him that you’re interested in dating him.  She seems to enjoy hearing the story of cute doctor and proceeds to take down all of the information I can give her (full name and department) before telling me that she’s going to phone and ask for his phone number or email address to pass onto me so that I can contact him outside of the hospital. Now that’ll be an interesting change of events….

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