Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Typical Saturday (26 March)

Weekends seem to melt together as my time in Korea passes more and more quickly.  Instead of looking for things to do on the weekends, I now find myself looking for the weekends where I can just stay home and relax. 

Despite promising myself that I would get up by 9:00am, I only wake up at 10:00.  Thus, I have only two hours before I’m due to meet Catfish and one of her former students at CGV for lunch and possibly a movie.  Somehow, I find time to still chat to YeonJeong via Facebook before rushing out to meet my friends.

A quick lunch at the Gal-B, followed by coffee at Café Bene and we’re soon walking the reluctant girls to their Math Academy before heading back to CGV to watch Red Riding Hood.  We again have two hours to kill before the start of the movie so we take in a few games of pocketball.  We’ve both planned a cleaning day in our respective apartments so our evening culminates in the exciting task of shopping for cleaning supplies at Lotte Mart and finding the fantastic BB cream that we’d heard about two weeks ago before heading home and chatting some more on Facebook and Skype.  Just another typical Saturday afternoon.

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