Thursday, January 20, 2011

Harry Potter Finally Reaches the ROK (17 December)

For some reason, the most recent instalment in the Harry Potter franchise was only released in South Korea nearly a month after the rest of the world.  In fact, South Korea was one of the last two countries in terms of worldwide release dates which was a rather discouraging bit of information for hundreds of foreigners living here.  Nevertheless, it was an eagerly awaited movie and top of our list when the day finally arrived.

Last night, I was meant to go to the final concert for 2010 of the Gunsan Philharmonic Orchestra.  Since I wasn’t feeling well, I excused myself and went to bed early.  School today was a bit of a stressful occasion as I continued my unsuccessful attempt to catch up all of the work that I should have done on Wednesday.  Consequently, I spend most of the day frantically attempting to complete my notes for the winter camp workbook and I’m determined not to be the weakest link in the chain: NZ2 has already submitted his work and, if the Korean teachers have to have everything completed by tomorrow (yes, they’ll be at school on a Saturday), then why should I be any different.  Miraculously, I do manage to finish these notes and, although it means leaving school 30 minutes later than usual, I’m relieved and proud to know that I’ve still managed to adhere to the original deadline – particularly since my co-teacher has informed me that she’ll be taking me a specialist at Jeonbuk National University Hospital next Monday since the teachers are all worried about me.

Galbi and Harry

It’s been another long and tiring week so all I really want to do is collapse in an exhausted heap when I get home.  I’ve barely lain down when I hear a strange noise that turns out to be my mobile phone vibrating in my handbag (I’d forgotten to change the setting back to audible after school): Catfish is impatient to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I, which, in all honesty, I’d forgotten had finally opened today, so we agree to meet for dinner and the movie.  Somewhat reluctantly, I drag my tired body off my bed, bundle up in warm clothes once more and head out.

Lotte Cinema is usually our preferred cinema but the next available show is only at 21:55 so we decide to head up to CGV Cinema which is about two blocks uphill and compare the schedules. Of course, no foreigner seems to be able to work out the schedule at CGV or, in our case, even where CGV actually is in this building.  We manage to communicate our question as to where the cinema is and we’re soon buying tickets for a show that is only about 25 minutes earlier than that of Lotte Cinema since the next show is already sold out.  With much time to kill, we head to the Galbi restaurant where we are greeted like long-lost friends. 

Once again, we sense a fair amount of hovering on the part of the servers but we’re now starting to find this rather humorous – it’s probably one of the many reasons, apart from the great food, that we continue to return.  Harry Potter is great although we both seem relieved that the movie is finally over – there are just a few parts in the movie that seemed a tad too long!

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  1. Agree on HP... they really didn't have to split it into 2 movies if they are going to drag it out like that... glad you finally got it though!
    And happy about a specialist app too.