Thursday, July 21, 2011

Meet My Limit Kids! (28 March)

I sleep through four alarms this morning and only wake up at 8:40am which means I am late for school.  I’m tired, I’m grumpy and I don’t want to be at school today.  Despite this, my first lesson actually goes well.  My second class, however, are little monsters whose bad behaviour is worsened by the regular absence of my co-teacher for this class.  I’ve walked out of a lesson back home but this is the first time I’ve walked out of a class in Korea. 

As I stomp out of the class, I feel further frustration as I realise that I can’t exactly march into my co-teacher’s office and ask her to come to class because this will cause her to lose face in front of the vice-principal and the 11 other teachers potentially in her office at this time.  Causing her to lose face will only aggravate the situation; walking straight back into the classroom, however, will only further remove my authority.  My only choice: sit in the stairwell for 5 minutes and let the class (hopefully) stew about where I’ve gone. 

This seems to work to some extent because they’re more co-operative by the time I re-enter the class – even if my co-teacher never did find the venue for this particular lesson.

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