Saturday, February 4, 2012

All Fun and Games (12 June)

Catfish and I meet M at E-mart at 10:00am dressed in our swimsuits and ready for another day on a beautiful beach.  We meet M’s friend from Seoul, Astro, at the train station in Daecheon at 11:30am and then head to the beach.   Astro is a total sun-worshipper and while we all apply sunscreen, he applies sun tanning oil. 

He is the first Korean person I’ve met who actually tries to tan since white skin is generally highly valued among all of the other Koreans I’ve met.  I’ve jokingly told students that I’m so pale, I’m almost translucent and been surprised by how much they envy the paleness of my skin, which I’ve always tried to tan without success.  

Astro is keen on a day of fun and heads off in search of water guns after a few hours of tanning.  We then have a fun afternoon playing with water guns and taking photos in gangster and Charlie’s Angels inspired poses before heading to Orange for dinner and milkshakes.  Reluctant to leave the beach, we return to watch the sunset and finally heading home at around 20:00.

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