Saturday, February 4, 2012

Yonsei International Health Clinic (10 June)

With a day off from school, and in absolutely frustration with ongoing stomach pain, I decide to make an appointment with the American doctor at Yonsei’s International Health Clinic in Seoul.  I’m hoping that a more western approach at this clinic will reassure me and finally rid me of the gastritis that I’ve apparently had since mid-March.

While the approach is more western and all of the doctors and nurses speak good English, I can’t honestly say that the appointment is worth the trip or even the expense.  The staff are all friendly and helpful but, at the end of the day, I’m told to get an endoscopy and ultrasound done in Gunsan since I’m unable to come back to the clinic the following week before being given a script for more medication.

If I were to have surgery, I would definitely choose to have it done at Yonsei but for regular doctor’s visits, apart from being more convenient to go to doctor in Gunsan or Jeonju, the quality of the visit seems to be pretty much the same.  

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