Saturday, February 4, 2012

Foiled Again By Korean Cinemas (11 June)

It’s an easy Saturday afternoon as Catfish and I meet at the Gal-B for lunch followed by a mid-afternoon movie.  We’re both excited to watch the new instalment of the X-Men series: X-Men: First Class.  We settle in happily for our movie, knowing that it will in English with Korean subtitles.  As the movie starts with the introduction of Magneto’s character as a young boy during World War II and we hear the German dialogue, we realise that, once again, we’ve been foiled by cinemas in Korean.  Throughout the movie, there are scenes with German, French, Spanish and Russian dialogue – all of which is translated, via the subtitles, into Korean only.  Chalk up another learning experience in Korea as we rely on common sense, our knowledge of the series and ability to read body language to fill in the missing pieces of the story.

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