Saturday, February 4, 2012

Girls’ Night In and Sleepovers (23 - 24 July)

By Saturday, I’m proud of my apartment which has been scrubbed from top to bottom.  I’ve even wiped down all of the wallpaper on the walls and ceilings with anti-bacterial wipes and I’m hoping that my landlord is planning to sort out the mouldy ceiling soon.

While Catfish heads back to Boryeong for the second weekend of the mudfest, M and I do grocery shopping for tonight’s dinner.  Despite the mould, Catfish’s apartment is too small for many people and M’s house is too far away so everyone is coming to my apartment for the night.  It’s a good afternoon together as we catch up on chatting.  When Catfish arrives at my apartment at 19:20, we start preparing dinner.  We’re attempting to make our own fresh spring rolls like those at Hoa Binh and we’re happy that they turn out pretty well.  Dinner, held on the floor in my kitchen, is a success!

Two bottles of wine later, Catfish has regaled us with her day’s adventures in Boryeong and it’s time for the girly part of the evening as we apply face masks.  M has also brought her extensive collection of nail polish and the manicures begin.  By midnight, we’re all exhausted and Catfish has long since fallen asleep. 

We get a slow start to the day the next morning although M has to leave early.  Since it’s raining, Catfish and I chat for the rest of the morning and late into the afternoon.  By 16:00, we’re hungry so Catfish goes home to shower and change and we arrange to meet at the Gal-B at 18:00 for dinner.  Dinner at the Gal-B is usually accompanied by a trip to Angel-in-us for coffee although we’re smart enough to bring out laptops with us so we can work on our summer camp lessons for a few hours before calling it a night and preparing for work the next day.

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