Saturday, February 4, 2012

Progress (20 July)

Catfish has a fantastic school that usually allows her to leave at lunchtime during vacation and exam periods.   My school, unfortunately, is not as generous – probably because there are nine foreign teachers at my school instead of one.  Today, however, Catfish finishing school early is a blessing because it means that we can meet at Paradiso for lunch.  It’s a hot and sticky day at 37 degrees Celsius and 93% humidity.  We’re reluctant to leave the sanctuary of an air-conditioned building so we migrate the 100m across the road to Santa Rosa.

Settled in a corned table, I help Catfish cut out game cards for her summer camp.  She also gives me an outline of her superheroes-themed camp.  I’m feeling inspired for my own camps that I have to plan and by the time we Santa Rosa six hours later to meet M for shabu-shabu, I’ve managed to work out an entire summer camp programme.   The afternoon also comes to a perfect end when I hear that I will be moving into the beautiful apartment that I looked at the previous day.

Unfortunately, a mouldy apartment is still waiting for me when I finally return home and I know that I’ll definitely be spending the whole of the next day cleaning and scrubbing in an attempt to get rid of all of the mould.

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