Saturday, February 4, 2012

An Unwanted Addition (4 July)

On Friday evening, while lying on the phone talking to my parents, I noticed a large black patch on the ceiling in the corner of my bedroom.  Closer inspection reveals that it is the infamous black mould I’ve heard so much about and which I’ve only just managed to remove in my bathroom.  I’ve also heard that it can take over entire apartments very quickly and, by this morning, it has certainly taken over an entire corner of my ceiling.  Mr Jeong promises to phone my landlord for me immediately and tells me to try to clean off as much of the mould as possible in the meantime.

Disgusted by my apartment, I meet Catfish for dinner followed by milkshakes at Coldstone.  There is a family of missionaries who live in the house around the corner from her apartment whom she recently met.  This family, the Lemons, have six children and have invited Catfish to join them and a few other Americans tonight for fireworks in Eunpa Park.  When they phone her to confirm the fireworks, she asks if she can bring me along too and I soon find myself being introduced to Mom and Dad Lemon and their six awesome kids.  Seriously, these kids are gorgeous and it’s a lot of fun to be around lively, English speaking children although it makes me really miss my niece and nephew. 

4th of July Celebrations - American Style

At Eunpa Park, we meet another large family of missionaries, the Gengers, and a few other American families – all of whom are involved in mission work in Korea.  There’re approximately 20 of us in total and the kids all have a lot of fun playing with large sparklers that Catfish, the oldest of the Lemon children and I keep lighting, handing out and collecting while the men take care of the larger firework displays.  Much fun is had by all and we wrap up the evening with homemade apple pie and ice-cream at the Lemons’ house.

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