Saturday, February 4, 2012

Not a Fun Vacation (18 July)

Not quite the start to my vacation that I had hoped, I’m also grateful that I haven’t really made plans to travel for most of my summer vacation as I now have the time to deal with the mould in my apartment.  Less than enthusiastic about the week ahead of me, I shuffle off to Lotte Mart where I spend a ridiculous amount of money on cleaning supplies with which to sort out my apartment.  M has told me about a couple of products that should help to sort out the mould and I’ve been told to open all of my windows and doors when I’m home to try to air out my apartment – I finally understand why the people in the building next to me always seem to have everything open.  I know that I simply have to tackle the problem head on, I just wish I didn’t have to spend so much money on cleaning supplies.

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