Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, Catfish (3 June)

Today is Catfish’s birthday and we’ve signed up for another great AK trip for the long weekend in order to celebrate her 24th birthday.  After a regular school day, I head to the Gunsan Medical Centre for an acupuncture appointment.  I’m excited yet nervous as I’ve found a great English phrase book for Cute Doctor.  Last week he showed me his English language book, which I think is too easy for him and having recently been in an ELT Bookstore this week, I have found a great book that I think will be very useful for him.  When I give him the book, he seems very surprised and at a loss for words.  I leave the GMC wondering if, perhaps, I’ve overstepped a line and doubting myself as to whether or not I made the right decision.  I don’t dwell on it too much though as I head to my apartment to pack a bag quickly and meet Catfish at the Express Bus Terminal.

We take an 20:30 bus to Seoul and arrive at 23:00.  We have approximately an hour before the AK bus arrives and so, famished, we decide to have bagels for dinner before heading to the meeting place.  We’re delighted to see the AK staff again whom we greet like long-lost friends.  We leave Seoul’s EBT at around midnight on an overnight bus to Nokyeophang (I think) harbour on the south coast where we’ll catch an 8:00am ferry to Geomun Island.  Although it sounds ridiculous for us to have up to Seoul when the harbour is probably only about 3 hours away from Gunsan, it really is easier since figuring out the bus transfers so late on a Friday night and then finding accommodation near the harbour is just to confusing.

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