Saturday, February 4, 2012

Stressors (19 August)

As predicted, the mould is already re-appearing through the new wallpaper in my bedroom and it continues to grow on every possible surface in my apartment despite my conscientiously airing out my apartment at every possible moment.  The situation is beginning to depress me and I am aware that I’m not currently pleasant company.  In an effort to minimise the spread of mould, Catfish offers to let me store some things at her apartment until I move.  She offers me the short hallway in her tiny apartment and I’m amazed at how much stuff I have accumulated in the past year.

On top of the mould situation, I am trying to sort out a few unresolved issues with my previous job.  I’ve had an ongoing salary dispute with my previous employer in SA since January of 2009 and I’ve now been told that I’m being blacklisted by the government’s credit bureau.  Without getting into too many details, I have done all that I can, with the help of my mom who is a school principal in the same district as my former school, to resolve this dispute; my former school now has to finalise the situation.  Naturally, resolving such an issue from halfway around the world is not ideal particularly when the school had already been avoiding the issue when I was still in SA.  After nearly three years, I just want this matter to be closed and I hate that I have to send such strongly worded emails to my former school but it is my good name that is being besmirched by this incident.

Sometimes, I really wish that I could just resign from adulthood and all responsibilities…

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