Saturday, February 4, 2012

Approval (26 July)

My fantastic co-teacher is at school today and has the final draft of the writing textbook, which we now need to double-check and do the final editing.  After two hours of careful reading through the book using my work computer and her laptop, we finally finish the final editing with only six pages requiring major reformatting and corrections due to the different computer programmes. 

By the time we finally finish the book, it’s lunchtime and we head to Paradiso to celebrate and just chat.  My fantastic co-teacher has never been to Paradiso despite having lived in Gunsan prior to getting married.   When we arrive there, I’m surprised to see Catfish and our Kiwi-mom there and we seem to confuse our regular waiters who are used to seeing Catfish and I together instead of at separate tables as we are today.  I jealously guard my lunchtime with my co-teacher and want to be able to chat to her since I won’t see her again until after the holidays.

After lunch, it’s back to school and a quiet afternoon of classes.  Thankfully, I only have one more day of work before heading back to the beach with M for a four day vacation.

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