Saturday, February 4, 2012

Unexpected Freedom (16 August)

When I arrive at school at 7:50am this morning, I anticipate few staff will be at work today.  However, I’m surprised to encounter absolutely no one in the building.  In addition, my key isn’t working so I can’t open my office.  I have work to do and don’t mind being at school today but if I can’t get into my office, I can’t do anything and I’m not too excited about having to sit in the corridor and read for the day.

I head downstairs and sit outside the main entrance to the building while I text my fantastic co-teacher asking if I have to stay at school.  While I’m sitting there, one of the groundsmen approaches me and asks if my office is locked.  He gets the main key from the administration office and graciously opens up my office for me just as my co-teacher phones to tell me that there’ll be a teacher at the school from 9:00am but I can go home after that.

Delighted to hear that I can leave early as long as the teacher on duty sees me, I get through all of my work for the first day of the new semester and relish the peace and quiet that is so rare in my office.  It’s a very productive 90 minutes and at 9:30am, I manage to lock up my office and I make sure that I’ve been seen at school for the day before heading home.  And unexpected free day means that I can organise and post my niece’s birthday present, run a few other errands and go for acupuncture this afternoon – a good start to the new semester.

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